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What is Gaming?

Gaming involves playing electronic games on computers, consoles, or mobile devices. This rapidly growing industry attracts millions globally, offering recreational enjoyment and professional opportunities. With diverse genres like action, adventure, sports, strategy, and simulation, it requires various skills and strategies, often involving teamwork. Competitive gaming includes players competing for prizes and recognition. Recently, gaming has become a viable career, with professional gamers earning through tournaments, streaming, and content creation. The rise of e-sports has led to professional teams and leagues, offering salaries and sponsorships. Gaming caters to both casual players and those pursuing professional careers.

 Best Gaming Institute In Latur

AVGCI Latur offers a wide range of gaming courses designed for aspiring game designers, artists, and developers. The comprehensive curriculum covers various aspects of the gaming industry, providing essential skills and knowledge needed for success. With the industry’s exponential growth creating numerous career prospects, there is a rising demand for skilled professionals in game design, development, and programming. AVGCI Latur aligns its courses with industry requirements, offering students a platform to thrive and excel in the gaming field.


Our Gaming Courses In Latur

AVGCI Latur offers a comprehensive selection of gaming courses designed to cater to the ambitions of budding game developers. Meticulously curated by industry professionals, these courses provide immersive, hands-on learning experiences. Here’s a brief overview of the available courses:

Game Art and Design Courses 

Tailored for individuals inclined towards the creative aspects of game development, this course encompasses concepts such as Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Substance, and Unreal Engine.

Game Design and Programming Courses

Perfect for students with an interest in the technical aspects of game development, this course explores game mechanics and programming languages like Photoshop, Maya Interface, and Unreal Engine (Blueprints).

Game Development Courses 

This course blends creative and technical elements, diving into Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Substance, and Unreal Engine (Blueprints), while utilizing industry-standard software like Unity and Unreal Engine.

Unreal Generalist Course


Immerse yourself in the world of Unreal Engine with our Unreal Generalist Course. This program is specifically designed for aspiring game developers, filmmakers, and virtual production artists, equipping you with both the fundamental skills and advanced techniques necessary to bring your creative visions to life using one of the industry’s most powerful 3D creation tools.

Unreal Development Courses 

Specialized training for enthusiasts of Unreal Engine, covering Unreal Engine (Blueprints) and game mechanics to facilitate the creation of high-quality games.

Unity Development Courses

Tailored for those focusing on Unity game development, this course covers Unity basics, Unity Engine (C#), and game mechanics, enabling students to develop games for various platforms.

 Unreal Designing Courses 

Concentrates on Unreal Engine game art and design, covering fundamentals, lighting, materials, and level design to craft visually stunning games.

Unity Designing Courses 

Focuses on Unity game art and design, covering basics, lighting, materials, and level design to create visually appealing games across different platforms.

Infrastructure and Facilities Of Gaming Training 

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and Facilities at AVGCI Latur

High-End Computer Labs

AVGCI Latur  boasts a well-equipped computer lab with high-end machines and essential software for game development. The lab is spacious and well-ventilated, ensuring a comfortable working environment for students.


The institute’s library is well-stocked with an extensive collection of books, journals, and magazines related to game development, animation, and VFX. It provides a quiet and peaceful environment for studying and research, accessible to all students.

 Dedicated Faculty

AVGCI Latur branch has a dedicated faculty team of experts in their respective fields. These experienced professionals have worked on various projects, including movies, games, and TV shows, bringing real-world experience to the classroom.

 Hands-On Training

Faculty members offer hands-on training to students, helping them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the industry.

 Career Counseling and Placement Assistance

Faculty members offer hands-on training to students, helping them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the industry.

Eligibility Criteria To Become Gaming Professional In Latur

To be eligible for admission to AVGCI Latur Gaming courses, candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Completion of 10+2 or equivalent education in any stream.
  • Basic understanding of computers and software applications.
  • Passion for Gaming Design and development courses.

 Placement Opportunities

The gaming sphere is in a perpetual state of expansion, offering an array of career pathways for those whose hearts beat for gaming. At AVGCI Latur, our Gaming Courses are meticulously designed to arm students with the indispensable skills and insights needed to venture into this dynamic industry. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse career avenues awaiting enthusiasts:

Game Designer Jobs

At the helm of conceptualizing the essence and mechanics of a video game, game designers collaborate harmoniously with fellow developers to breathe life into their visions. Creativity, a profound grasp of game dynamics, and adeptness in team collaboration are the hallmarks of this role.

Game Developer Jobs

Fueling the core functionality of a video game with intricate lines of code, game programmers synergize closely with designers to ensure seamless integration of game mechanics. Mastery in programming languages such as C++ and Java forms the bedrock of this role.

Game Artist Jobs 

Crafting the visual tapestry of a video game, encompassing characters, landscapes, and objects, game artists collaborate intricately with designers to synchronize the visual aesthetics with the overarching concept. Proficiency in tools like Photoshop and Maya is indispensable in this creative endeavor.

Game Tester Jobs

Immersed in the pursuit of uncovering glitches and hiccups within a video game, game testers immerse themselves in gameplay to ascertain its flawless operation and furnish constructive feedback to the development team. A keen eye for detail and adept communication skills are pivotal traits in this role.

Industry Partnerships and Networking

AVGCI Latur partners with leading gaming companies, offering students practical experience and networking opportunities. Students engage in live projects, gaining hands-on industry exposure. They access workshops, internships, and networking events to connect with industry professionals, fostering career growth within the gaming industry.

Student Resources and Support

AVGCI Latur is committed to providing students with a robust support system and a plethora of resources to ensure a fruitful learning journey. Here’s how we do it:

Mentorship Program:

Students receive personalized guidance from seasoned professionals in the gaming realm, fostering skill development and industry insights.

Live Projects:

Opportunities abound for students to tackle real-world challenges in team settings, with hands-on guidance and feedback from industry experts

Incubation with Partnered Companies: 

Through strategic alliances with gaming enterprises, students delve into authentic projects, gaining invaluable exposure and mentorship from industry stalwarts.

 Multimedia Courses

Supplementing gaming curriculum, our multimedia offerings in animation, VFX, and web design enrich students’ skill sets and broaden their horizons.

Job Placement Assistance

Our dedicated placement cell ensures students transition seamlessly into the gaming workforce, providing support in job search and interview preparation.

Gaming Salary Details

Job Role
Average Annual Salary ( INR )
Entry - Level Salary Range ( INR )
Entry - Level Salary Range ( Monthly )
Game Designer
4,00,000 - 8,00,000
3,50,000 - 7,50,000
2,60,000 - 3,50,000
7,50,000 - 12,00,000
Game Artist
3,00,000 - 6,00,000


1. What types of gaming courses are offered by AVGCI Latur?

AVGCI Latur offers a diverse array of gaming courses tailored to nurture aspiring game developers. These comprehensive programs delve into critical aspects such as game art, game programming, and game design. Additionally, the institute provides specialized training in Unreal Engine design, a prominent tool in the gaming industry.

2. How do AVGCI Latur's gaming courses compare to those of other institutes in terms of quality?

AVGCI Latur's gaming courses are meticulously crafted to impart thorough knowledge and practical skills essential for game development and design. Delivered by a faculty comprised of seasoned industry professionals, these courses prioritize experiential learning to ensure students acquire hands-on expertise. In terms of quality, AVGCI Latur's gaming courses stand shoulder to shoulder with the finest institutes nationwide.

3. Can you provide information on the faculty expertise in AVGCI Latur gaming courses?

The faculty at AVGCI Latur boasts extensive experience gleaned from years of immersion in the gaming industry. Their proficiency spans game art, game programming, and game design, enabling them to furnish students with invaluable industry insights and real-world acumen.

4. What are the career prospects after completing a gaming course at AVGCI Latur?

Graduates of AVGCI Latur's gaming courses can pursue a multitude of career paths within the rapidly expanding gaming industry. Opportunities abound in roles such as game designer, game artist, game programmer, and game tester. The burgeoning demand for skilled professionals in this domain presents a wealth of possibilities for graduates to explore.

5. What are the admission requirements for AVGCI Latur gaming courses?

Prospective students seeking admission to AVGCI Latur's gaming courses typically need to demonstrate a minimum of 50% marks in the 10+2 examination. Additionally, they may be required to successfully navigate an entrance exam and partake in an interview as part of the selection process.

6. Are there any student testimonials available regarding the gaming courses at AVGCI Latur?

Certainly! A plethora of student testimonials adorning AVGCI Latur's website serve as a testament to the institute's excellence. These testimonials laud the institution's exceptional faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and enriching course content. Students often underscore the pivotal role of practical learning experiences provided by the institute, recognizing their significance in preparing for success in the gaming industry.